Dan-yr-Ogof Adventure App

Dan-yr-Ogof Adventure App

iPhone and iPad app enhances your visit to the Showcaves

We worked with Sugar Creative Studio using their designs to create an Augmented Reality enabled app to inform and entertain visitors to the National Showcaves Centre for Wales.

This native iOS app, available for iPhone and iPad, is a great example of integrating digital tourism with physical locations - Augmented Reality dinosaurs come to life as visitors walk around the site, and the interactive Treasure Hunt in the app requires visual clues located around the Showcaves site to complete the game in the app.



Android app as a key component of innovative approach enabling paperless service visits

We were commissioned by ServiceTracker to create and support an Android app to support their growing customer base in various sectors to productively move to a paperless solution for service visits by technicians.

This app (only for ServiceTracker customers), integrates with Salesforce via native REST API to empover technicians to plan routes to service visits, and perform inspections and actions during those visits (even while offline), all within this beautiful Material Design inspired app. Ongoing work is underway to further enhance the app and to support the sales and expansion of this agile and effective solution.

Word Whiz PRO

Word Whiz PRO

A popular iPad game to test your word skills to the limit!

We worked with Marshmallow Entertainment Ltd using their beautiful designs to build an initial version of this popular word game for iPad, involving 48 different levels and challenges.

Event Rater

Event Rater

An iPhone and Android app for listing and rating events

We were commissioned by Event Rater Ltd to create a mobile app as a companion tool for their website to enable people to easily provide vital feedback about concerts, entertainment and sports events in the Cardiff area while on the move. Event Rater is now available for iPhone and Android.


What We Do...

We specialise in delivering apps with the following capabilities:

From Concept to Distribution

We can handle all stages of an app lifecycle right up to the publication and support of the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Beautiful User Experiences

All our apps are carefully and painstakingly built to encourage users to love using them.
Again and again.

Back-end Cloud Databases

We create apps that can store your data in secure cloud-based back-end databases... so that you don't need to worry about data persistence or sharing data across different devices.


We can easily include support for local and remote (push) notifications, barcode scanning and many other useful mobile technologies and integrations.

Integration with Data Feeds

From the Salesforce SDK to proprietary REST APIs with JSON feeds, we can build apps and games incorporating any robust data stream.


Security and protection of user privacy is at the core of everything we do.
Just as you would expect of us.

Maps & Navigation

We create apps integrated with map providers to give you all the functionality you need for managing your journeys and navigating across the country.

Beautiful Transitions & Animations

We love creating apps that are not just functional and perform well... we go the extra mile with beautiful but appropriate transitions and animations that are singularly focussed on improving the user experience of the app.

Pineapple Software Limited was founded by Pete Nicholson.

Pete is a mobile and web app architect, developer and consultant, specialising in iOS and Android apps. He is passionate about creating great user experiences in beautiful, high quality apps and writing elegant maintainable code that upholds best practices in software design and engineering.
He has extensive experience in software development including the provision and support of applications for the public sector including government departments, with adherence to ISO9001 quality standards and ISO27001 Information Security standards.